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Aftertreatment Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR) Catalyst; NH3/NOx Sensor Module; NH3/NOx Sensor Probe; Aftertreatment Soot Sensor; Protection Plan 1 of greater or equal duration must be purchased to be eligible for aftertreatment coverage. Aftertreatment Coverage Pricing – 2013 Products.

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SCR control system components, including preSCR exhaust temperature sensor, upstream and downstream NOx sensor, NH3 sensor (optional), DEF injector and SCR dosing control unit Source publication +4

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Jun 23, 2021· Bill Gretta, principal, SCR Solutions LLC, presented two case studies at a recent HRSG Forum virtual session, in which a unique field test method combined with sophisticated CFD analysis suggested modifications for improving distribution of ammonia through the SCR catalyst modules to improve NOx reduction and ammonia slip. Old units, and many new ones, …

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Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) is a means of converting nitrogen oxides, also referred to as NO x with the aid of a catalyst into diatomic nitrogen (N 2), and water (H 2 O).A reductant, typically anhydrous ammonia (NH 3), aqueous ammonia (NH 4 OH), or an urea (CO(NH 2) 2) solution, is added to a stream of flue or exhaust gas and is reacted onto a the …

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Jan 25, 2021· This paper introduces a joint industries–academia–academia research project started by researchers in several automobile companies and universities working on a single theme. Our first target was to find a zeolite for NH3SCR, that is, zeolite mining. Zeolite AFX, having the same topology of SSZ16, was found to be the one of the zeolites.

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Ammonia slip (NH3 slip) refers to how much unprocessed DEF leaves the tailpipe. Ammonia is not a regulated pollutant, but its environmental effects are known and should be minimized. Some ISX engines were equipped with a NH3 sensor in the middle of the SCR. This sensor monitors the quantity of ammonia to determine a NH3 to NOx ratio or ANR.

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Sensor C6 40 Sensor C6 30 20 10 NH3_Sensor [ppm] 30 20 10 0 0 0 1020 304050 0 1020304050 NH3_LDS [ppm] NH3_LDS [ppm] Sensor data – Steady state performance on HD diesel engine – Test stand fitted with SCR aftertreatment system – Sensors tested at 200 C 400 C steadystate exhaust gas conditions – Ammonia slip between 0 and 50 ppm

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Feb 23, 2018· Quickly showing the location of the NH3 Sensor aka ammonia sensor and what it would take to take it off Thanks!

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Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) is the dominant solution for meeting future NO x reduction regulations for heavyduty diesel powertrains. SCR systems benefit from closedloop control if an appropriate exhaust gas ... SENSOR NH3 EMF [mV] 042406B2 EMF. Figure 3. Wateroxygen emf difference as function of air humidity and A/F

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Inactive Engine Aftertreatment SCR Intermediate NH3 Sensor Abnormal update rate. Loss of communication with the aftertreatment SCR intermediate NH3 sensor. – First occurrence 14413:04:37; Last occurrence 14438:25:30 3911 N/A 67 Inactive Engine Aftertreatment Diesel Particulate Filter Temperature Sensor Module Abnormal update rate. No

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Aftertreatment Ammonia (NH3) Sensor Wiring Harness Plug and Fir Tree Installation Product • CM2350 • ISL9 CM2350 The purpose of this document is to guide the user through the steps involved in plugging off the NH3 sensor wiring harness electrical connector and mounting to the harness connector to the sensor table on the SCR

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Cummins Sensors provide a whole solution package, enabling system integration while meeting critical regulations. Cummins provides sensors that support a multitude of critical components on your engine – from controlling the speed of the turbocharger to assisting the level of NOx taken into the aftertreatment system. Product Benefits: Quality Control Cost Effectiveness High …

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Jul 16, 2019· SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) is a method to reduce NOx emissions by converting the NOx to Nitrogen (N 2) and water (H 2 0) by the reaction of NOx and Ammonia (NH 3 ). This reaction is sometimes referred to as DeNOx. The reaction between NOx and NH 3 is never perfect, although it can achieve efficiency rates often higher than 95%.

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Feb 23, 2018· NH3 Sensor or ammonia sensorViewing the Cummins flow chartSuggesting either a bad probe or moduleThis code translates to cummins code 3899Generic or raw code...

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Mar 21, 2014· NH3 Flue/Exhaust Gas 3000C Sensor NH3 detection at viable pricing Maximized NOx conversion efficiency Minimized NH3 slip for district heating CHP plants diesel SCR/SNCR INTRODUCTION The SenSiC NH3 sensor detects exhaust/flue gas ammonia levels down to 5ppm. The sensor thereby offers cost efficient, fast responding NH3 slip monitoring to optimize

A Review of Low Temperature NH3SCR for Removal of NOx

The importance of the lowtemperature selective catalytic reduction (LTSCR) of NOx by NH3 is increasing due to the recent severe pollution regulations being imposed around the world. Supported and mixed transition metal oxides have been widely investigated for LTSCR technology. However, these catalytic materials have some drawbacks, especially in terms of …

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Aftertreatment. Available on , ISL9, ISX12 and ISX15 2013 engines in the United States and Canada. Only 2013 engines are eligible to purchase 2013 Extended Coverage programs. Protection to ensure against major repair costs, no matter where your business takes you. Aftertreatment Coverage includes:


In this TFM the various components that integrate a selective catalytic reduction system (SCR) are analyzed. Within the SCR, the catalyst can be classified into two large groups depending on the type of coating: vanadium and tungsten, or iron or copper based zeolite.

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Mar 07, 2019· Up to20%cash back· Aftertreatment 1 SCR Intermediate NH3 Sensor Abnormal Update Rate 1 Check for primary fault codes 2 Low battery voltage load test /distribution panel check inspection 3 Aftertreatment intermediate NH3 sensor module voltage check intermediate NH3 sensor open circuit check

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Oct 22, 2021· A modelbased SCR control strategy deploying an ammonia feedback sensor demonstrated high NOx conversion, low NH3 slip and good robustness against disturbances.